Regarde Familia

Family Office

Wealth Preservation

Regarde Familia Wealth Management takes a holistic approach to wealth management; looking beyond short-term gains and focus on creating a sustainable, long-term strategy that can benefit future generations.

Diversified Asset Classes

Regarde Familia! family office’s goal is to find interesting investment opportunities across all asset classes opportunistically and globally. We look to build relationships with proven investment managers and companies, seeking intriguing investments through a flexible approach.

Private Equity

Regarde Familia invests in technology-focused private equity funds with fund managers that have proven track records.

Fixed Income

Regarde Familia invests in A+ fixed income including annuities and municipal bonds.

Real Estate

Regarde Familia invests in both commercial and residential Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Message from the Office of the Chief Investment Officer

"To acquire wealth is difficult, to preserve it more difficult, but to invest it wisely is most difficult of all"

Peesh Chopra

Chief Investment Officer, Regarde Familia