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Chess is a strategic board game with roots spanning centuries, captivating players globally. The game unfolds on an 8×8 board, each player commanding 16 pieces, including a king, queen, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns. Evolving through distinct phases—opening, middlegame, and endgame—chess demands foresight, planning, and tactical prowess.

Beginner Level Curriculum

(1) Nature of game
(2) Square names
(3) Movement of chessman
(4) Introduction to special moves
(5) Check
(6) Checkmate
(7) Attack
(8) Material : Capturing pieces
(9) Special moves in detail
(10) Stalemate
(11) Defence
(12) Exchange
(13) Draw
(14) Basic Strategies

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Intermediate Level Curriculum

(1) Basic King and Pawn endgames
(2) Berger’s “Rule of the sqaure”
(3) Tactics (Difficulty level Normal) – Double attack & Knight Fork
(4) Defending against checkmate
(5) 1 Rook Checkmate
(6) Tactics (Difficulty Level : Normal) – Skewer, Back Rank & Pin
(7) Tactics (Difficulty Level : Normal) – Destroying the defender, Deflection, Discovered attack & check
(8) Queen vs pawn(b, d, e, g file pawns) on 7th Rank
(9) Mixed motifs

Core   Elementary School   Middle School

Advanced Beginner Level Curriculum

(1) Mate in one positions

(A)Basic checkmates with Queen and 2 Rooks
(B) Basic Opening principles
(C) How to write a game
(D) Tactics (Difficulty Level : Easy) – Double attack, Knight Fork, Skewer, Back Rank & Pin

(2) Mate in two positions

(A) Distracting the defender, Discovered attack & Check
(B) Mixed motifs

Core   Elementary School   Middle School

Advanced Level Part-1 Curriculum

(1) Mate in Three puzzles

(A) Advanced Tactics – Forced Moves, Windmill, Xray, Smothered Mate

(2) Imbalance concepts
(3) Positional strengths of pieces
(4) Line opening & closing
(5) Pawn structures
(6) Overload pieces
(7) Square vacation
(8) Combinations and Calculations
(9) 2 Bishops endgame, Wrong square

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Advanced Level Part-2 Curriculum

(1) Instructive short games

(A) Mating motifs 1 – Anastasia mate, Arabian mate
(B) Queen + Rook battery
(C) Queen + Bishop battery
(D) Pawn endgames

(2) Instructive short games

(A) Mating motifs 2 – Legal’s mate, Damiano’s mate, Mate along open files, Boden’s mate
(B) Positional weakness

(3) Master games of World Champions series

(A) Mating motifs3 – Greco’s mate, Pillsbury’s mate, Blackburne’s mate, Lolli’s mate
(B) Gambits in the openings
(C) Instructive short games

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