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Music, Visual & Performing Arts

RFS’s music, visual and performing arts programs offer ample opportunities for social-emotional learning. When RFS students engage in collaborative projects like theater production or musical ensembles, they interact with their peers in ways that strengthen communication and social-emotional skills.


Learning to play the piano helps build music appreciation at an early age and brings so many other benefits. Playing the piano simulates parts of the brain that are tied to cognitive abilities and can also help develop fine motor skills.  

The RFS piano curriculum invites our students to explore music and piano through song, dance, play, and online and offline piano lessons (instrument not included). Designed for young children with little to no piano experience, our lessons are built around helping the student master early piano playing in a fun and enjoyable way. 

This course progressively builds on your child’s piano-playing skills and knowledge, culminating in an exciting recital day that lets your child show off their new talents. Even if you, the home educator, aren’t familiar with playing the piano, our easy-to-follow lessons guide you through activities that can strengthen the student’s abilities.  

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Comic Creations

Do you love to write, draw, dream up fantastic stories, or come up with hilarious jokes? Then join us in Comics and Zines! In this class, we will investigate visual storytelling character development and independent publishing by creating our own comic books and zines. We will learn a bit about the history of zines and comics and explore various genres such as the classic superhero and action comics, as well as autobiographical comics, daily comics, web comics, fiction zines and more! We will work through the same processes that professional cartoonists use including thumbnailing, scriptwriting, penciling, inking, lettering and coloring. Students will create several comics and zines which they will showcase at the end of the term.

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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form and sport that combines martial arts, dance, music, philosophies and traditions of West African brought to Brazil during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Often regarded as the “dance fight,” Capoeira features acrobatics, dance and self-defense movements that are performed in a small circle or “roda.” Participants stay physically fit by masking fight techniques through dance and acrobatic movements, punctuated by unique rhythm instruments blended with songs of protest and encouragement. Click here to learn about RFS’s Capoiera curriculum.

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